Magic of Child Life

When Kids Say They Can't, We Tell Them They Can!

Welcome to Magic of Child Life!

“I hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing… that it all started with a Child Life Specialist.”

NEW in “How You Can Become a CCLS”:

Read here about why you should try THIS to be an even better CCLS!


“Monthly Magic”: 

April is National Autism Awareness!

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Read here about how Children with Autism are supported thanks to Child Life!


 NEW in “More Magic”

Just having a special moment where I get personal. Read more about it here 


Previous Posts:

Check out a new page on your side tab for “Student Resources” to find information for applications, interviews, common app, and more!


We have a winner! Check out the Starlight “Design-A-Gown” Winner


Disney Compassion Program Group 2

Check out the ACLP post here about the $100 Million collaboration with Disney to improve the quality of care for children and families in the hospital setting!





3 thoughts on “Welcome to Magic of Child Life!

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for fun and informative blog. I’m studying for the CLC exam. Can you email resources or materials. I would gratefully appreciate it.


    1. Hi Janay! Unfortunately at this time I do not have any additional sources for the CLC exam. However, since you have brought this to my attention, I will plan on creating a blog to assist others like you who need some good tips and resources for the exam.
      My definite best advice to you is really understand the child life code of ethics and have the text: “Psychosocial Care of Children in Hospitals”. I’ve heard that is a great resource too!
      Best of luck!


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