Magic of Child Life

When Kids Say They Can't, We Tell Them They Can!

Welcome to Magic of Child Life!

“I hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing… that it all started with a Child Life Specialist.”

November is Children’s Grief Awareness Month

Presented By the NAGC (National Alliance for Grieving Children)

Struggles of Becoming a Child Life Specialist

Image result for sadness inside out gifFinding yourself feeling hopeless? The struggle is real, but there is hope. Read here to learn more about what I think the ACLP should do to make up and coming Child Life Specialists have better outcomes for internship and beyond.


The simple way to make ebooks on your iPad or o the web

Love books? Me too! Check out the Book Creator App here and go to my Get Appy page to find more apps!


For Up and Coming Child Life Students

Missing the target on your applications? Check out my tips here 


Interview questions you can prepare for in your Practicum and Internship Interviews here!


Image result for alice in wonderland gifNow it’s your turn to ask! Head down the Rabbit Hole and ask these 10 questions to your Interviewers here



November Developmental Theorist: 

Kenneth Doka


Click here to read more about my perception about the significance of Kenneth Doka on Grief in the field of Child Life.




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