Magic of Child Life

When Kids Say They Can't, We Tell Them They Can!

Welcome to Magic of Child Life!

“I hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing… 

that it all started with a Child Life Specialist.”

Finding Love in Tragedy

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Read here about my thoughts on the tragedy in Las Vegas


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Want to help? Click on the Resources Below

Child Life Disaster Relief:

For Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria

Harvey: Please click on my blog here

Irma: List of Organizations via Chicago Tribune here

Maria: Mercy Corps, additional list of organizations and volunteering via Time here

For Earthquake in Mexico

List of organizations via NBC News here

For Las Vegas

United Blood Services

American Red Cross

Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada (Nevada Residents)

For California

Organizations are linked in this article here by the SFist News

For Up and Coming Child Life Students

Missing the target on your applications? Check out my tips here 


Interview questions you can prepare for in your Practicum and Internship Interviews here!


Image result for alice in wonderland gifNow it’s your turn to ask! Head down the Rabbit Hole and ask these 10 questions to your Interviewers here


September/October Developmental Theorist:  Erik Erikson


Image result for erik eriksonClick Here to read more about my perception about the significance of Erik Erikson in the field of Child Life.






Previous Posts:

Read here to learn more about the significant contributions of Child Life and Education to help patients and families


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Learn more about Lazarus and Stress/Coping Appraisals & Theory here



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