A few months ago, I received an email via Child Life Mommy about this new website from a fellow CCLS named Allie.

Her mission: to advance the Child Life Profession as we know it.

Blogging and reaching out via the internet is becoming more of a significant educational platform for specialists and students. (My favorite ones consist of a personal touch, as well as being informative.) Child Life is an evolving profession and many of us need to gain as many tools, tips, and tricks as we can in order to move forward. What a better way to do this (for free!) than through great blogs like this?

Allie and Child Life Cooperative provides blogs, podcasts, and videos for anyone to access. She also includes resources for students and prospective specialists. She includes a contact link should you have any questions or express interest in being a part of her podcasts!

As a current practicing specialist herself, she includes stories and interactions from patients and what they have taught her. Going through some of the blogs myself, I would have loved to discover these during my internship days!

The key to the Child Life Cooperative is simple: Support. Because this field is still relatively new on the healthcare spectrum, Child Lifers need as much professional support as possible in order to seek new opportunities and explore new ways to provide the psychosocial care that all patients deserve.

Go check it out here!