Hello fellow readers and bloggers!

Hope you haven’t missed me too much! Lately it’s been Heigh Ho Heigh Ho off to internship I go!

So far I have finished my first week and needless to say it has been fabulous! I am working with a great team of Child Life Specialists and I really am being pushed as far as I ever have been. Trust me Child Lifers, when you get to this point, you know what I mean!

I still have some time yet to go before I really get knee-deep, but I am excited to have such a comprehensive experience here and I am always yearning for something new to take in. I love knowing that I don’t know what I am getting into. I really do feel like I just want to constantly reach for more and be part of this world.

Even in a week, I have already learned a couple of things, but there is one piece of advice I want to give to all of you students out there and for future intern applicants to keep in mind.

The advice is this: when you are observing or working with a patient and family:


We are programmed to analyze the development, the theory, and all the justifications as to why we do what we do. Even in a week, I have caught myself overthinking and missing out on the really important facts and information about what I am observing with a patient and family.

It is important to be in the room. That fly on the wall. The eyes in the corner. However you want to coin it, just focus in. Forget the theory and analysis. (Believe me, you will still need it, but in later assignments and projects!!) Pretend you are covering a play-by-play of what you saw. What are the important events? Any details from that situation that could make or break your role?

So for now that is my advice to you. Be mindful of what you experience and take it in as it is. It will make all the difference and you will definitely have better assessment techniques, intervention planning, and yes, even more effective developmental analysis.

Stay tuned for more internship advice! Off I fly!