I am a book lover. And I made the greatest Child Life book purchase of my life!!

I discovered a perfect book that I consider to be the ULTIMATE Child Life recipe book.


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This book is absolutely worth purchasing! I bought it directly through Guilford-Press since they sent me something in the mail, offering it at discounted price. It is available through various retailers. You can find it here from Amazon.

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What does this book contain that is so magical that I would advertise here on my blog?

This is an excellent book for Child Life Students and Specialists to use for intervention planning and design. There are 58 different play therapy techniques that can support specific issues and concerns with children, as well as encourage expressive play and foster development. Each intervention and technique provides rationale, and in some therapies, evidence based research. Many of these techniques can be modified for various ages and stages of development, as well as materials and design based on the child and family’s needs.

The reason why I prefer this book is that the chapters are concise and organized beautifully so that I can not only find instructions, materials, and purpose for the activity, but I can also find evidence to validate the importance of the intervention or technique. It also brings awareness to techniques that need future empirical support (Research grants anyone??)

Very reasonable in cost, and all child life specialists should look at this book! I am using this personally for my internship, but I know I’ll continue to use it for infinity and beyond!