Name: Middle School Confidential-SeriesImage result for middle school confidential app

Age/Developmental Stage: Older School Age-Early Adolescence

Available for these devices: iOS, Android, Amazon

Cost: Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are-$2.99Middle School Confidential 2: Real Friends vs. the Other Kind-$2.99,Middle School Confidential 3: What’s Up with My Family?-$2.99


For many middle school age children, there are so many challenges as their development advances. Topics such as body image, peer relationships, changes in level of independence, and family dynamics. Many of these changes can impact how adolescents cope with these stressors and many of them are left unsure with how to adapt to these changes.

“Middle School Confidential” written by Annie Fox, is a series of graphic novels that address these issues through well-written stories that address the emotions and behaviors that are common in these situations. There are excellent illustrations and even follow Common Core Instructional standards for reading and comprehension.

Even for the Child Life Specialist, these stories can reflect situations that patients at this stage have already experienced, or may encounter these situations. It is also important to address questions with how hospitalizations or procedures can impact their body image, self-esteem, peer relationships, potential romantic relationships, level of independence, bullying, and stress. The Child Life Specialist can pose questions that may or may not be included in the story to help young adolescents think about how they can cope effectively and think about stressors and establish a positive support system.

Features of all of these app stories are:
• Graphic novel format for easy reading
• Page swipe or touch page edges for easy navigation
• Auto-save feature remembers your place in the story
• Info page allows you to jump to the beginning of any of the 8 chapters
• 44 pages of story plus bonus Meet the Cast pages
• Two modes of reading: full-page mode or double-tap to zoom-in for frame-by-frame reading
• Movie-like sound effects and music (enhanced sound in zoomed-in mode)

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