Name: Baby Sign and LearnImage result for baby sign and learn itunes

Age/Developmental Stage: Infant-Toddler

Available for these devices: iOS and Android

Cost: Free on iTunes, $2.99 on Android


One of the most important developmental milestones for young children is preparing them for language. Although young infants and toddlers may not have verbal capacity as older children and adults do, they are able to learn words and signs!

Baby Sign and Learn is an excellent app for parents to use with infants and toddlers to help them advance their language abilities. There are animated video demonstrations and a fun interactive quiz. There are many words that they can learn, including objects, animals, basic phrases, people, and more!

This app uses keyword signs and allows you to specify your preferred sign language dialect. Supported signed languages include: American Sign Language (ASL), Australian Sign Language (Auslan), British Sign Language (BSL), Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL) and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL).

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