Name: Kids’ GriefImage result for kids' grief app

Age/Developmental Stage: Toddler-Older School Age

Available for these devices: iOS and Android

Cost: $1.99 via iTunes, $2.99 via Google Play


Grief is a complex topic. It varies from individual to individual, with different forms of expression according to culture, age, experience, emotions, and so much more.

For many children and families, grief may be a difficult conversation to have, especially when adults are grieving themselves. Many families may be unsure of how to describe grief or even know how to approach their children at certain ages and stages of development when grief occurs.

This app is effective in being able to provide adults and families with the resources to begin this conversation. This app contains information according to stages of development, activities to help with grief, and even providing FAQ for common questions families may have about their child’s grief and participation in grief-related situations. This app also allows opportunities for parents and families to be able to openly ask about their child’s grief experiences and how to continue providing further support.

Below is an excellent tutorial video that can allow you to explore the app before purchase:

As a note: Before suggesting this app to parents, families, and other healthcare professionals, I would recommend assessing the grief situation first and determine cultural factors. Many cultures acknowledge grief differently than how this app suggests.