Name: Charades for Kids

Age/Developmental Stage: Early School Age and up

Available for these devices: iOS and Android

Cost: Free! (Some Ad pop-up and in-app purchases available)


Similar to the app “Heads Up”, this app has kid-friendly topics and trivia, this app is great for helping kids engage and interact with others!

This app encourages group play and interacting with as many participants as possible. It promotes verbal ability, creativity, and in some instances, movement and coordination depending on the topic or trivia. This also allows children to explore new knowledge on fun topics and test what they already know!

This game can be played with parents, families, healthcare professionals, and Child Life Specialists!

Decks include:
– Family Movies
– Cartoons
– Anime
– Toys and Games
– Children’s Songs
– And lots more!

For older children and adolescents who are interested in more complex and mature topics, you can also use the Charades or Heads Up apps for more topics that are age and developmentally appropriate.