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Age/Developmental Stage: Preschool-Early School Age

Available for these devices: iOS and Android

Cost: Free!


1 in 68 children are currently diagnosed with autism. Children with autism face daily challenges in and out of healthcare settings. It is important for children, families, healthcare professionals, and Child Life Specialists to learn about how to work with children with autism in healthcare settings.

It is important for the Child Life Specialist to support these children and families to help them adapt to routines, learn social skills, and helping others learn how to respond and adapt to needs of children with autism. In the healthcare setting, children with autism may have more fears and anxiety, as well as have difficulty with adjusting to a new environment or have sensory difficulties.

It is important as a Child Life Specialist to assess carefully and collaborate with other healthcare team members in order to provide the best intervention and planning for children with autism.

The Sesame Street Autism app is excellent in supporting children and families with autism with the following features:

  • Articles with tips and strategies
    •Videos featuring real families and Sesame Street’s Abby Cadabby
    •8 Interactive Family Routine Cards
    •We’re Amazing 123! digital storybook
  • Songs and videos
  • A provider guide for tips, resources, activities, and guidelines


For more information about Sesame Street’s new character Julia and resources for children  with autism  and their from Sesame Street, check out this link



It is important to continue supporting resources like Sesame Street! Sesame Street is a community of beloved characters that are supported by children, families, and Child Life Specialists!

Due to the nature of current political events, there is a possibility that funding for PBS and educational broadcasting will be cut from the government budget. Apps like this may be at risk, as well as television broadcasting and other free resources that are available to children and families such as Sesame Street.

Be on the look out for how you can support PBS and programs like Sesame Street! Below is some information for ways you can support the prevention of such budget cuts:

Sign the Petition:

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