Name: Help Kids CopeImage result for helping kids cope app

Age/Developmental Stage: Preschool-Adolescence

Available for these devices: iOS and Android

Cost: Free!


In many situations in a healthcare setting, children and families may arrive following a disastrous event such as an earthquake, wildfire, flood, or other major natural disaster. Children at any age and stage may present questions that are challenging to answer, whether you are a Child Life Specialist, parent, educator, or even a doctor.

These events are extremely traumatic and can impact a child or adolescent’s concept of safety and security. Thanks to the partnership of UCLA, Ozark Center and the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, this app contains information for healthcare professionals, educators, and families to: explain, prepare, respond, heal, and learn from these natural disasters and traumatic events.

Each natural disaster has the categories of explain, prepare, respond, heal, and learn and provides information according to the appropriate stage of development, with accurate definitions and techniques to address concerns, fears, and misconceptions about these events. Tips include information on support groups, community resources, prevention, appropriate actions to take, seeking additional help, and additional coping methods.

I recommend this app to all Child Life Specialists, therapists, educators, healthcare professionals, and families who are at risk for these natural disasters as a form of preparation for working with children. This is an effective app to support dialogue between families and children, as well as helping establish appropriate coping methods for children for such events in past and future. 

It is also to be noted that healthcare professionals and Child Life Specialists should continue to assess children and families, especially for those at risk for recurring events of natural disasters.