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Age/Developmental Stage: Early School Age

Available for these devices: iOS

Cost: Free!


A part of the Child Life Specialist Role is to acknowledge culture and diversity among patients and families. This app provides opportunities for patients to describe their culture, but also have the opportunity to explore others to learn about the world beyond the healthcare setting.

Kids World Cultures is an important app for children and families to explore in order to learn and understand the diverse world we live in today. For the Child Life Specialist, this can help with guidance toward learning about how to support the child and family’s cultural experiences and incorporate them into their care, as well as adapt intervention design according to cultural related experiences. It is also beneficial for healthcare professionals in order to build cultural competency and build better rapport with children and families of different cultural backgrounds in order to improve quality of healthcare!

Here is some information from iTunes about the amazing features of this app:

Kids World Cultures sends children off on amazing adventures to learn about people and places all over the planet. It helps them see how people do things in different parts of the world, and what their lives are like in terms of housing, dress, education, entertainment, and more.

Kids World Cultures contains hundreds of interesting pictures, dozens of videos, and tons of games that teach kids how other people on the planet live. Kids learn what entertains, sustains, and challenges people all over our planet Earth.

The Kids World Cultures app features:

• Hundreds of HD images
• Dozens of videos
• Multiple games
• Content for kids age 4 and up
• Games, activities, and videos to learn about cultures, music, geography, animals, dress, and more!

Universal app for iPhone and iPad!
• FREE content
• Bonus in-app purchases
• Demos and paid content for FREE
• No third-party ads
• Available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Catalan
• On and offline play