Name: Feel Electric! 

Age/Developmental Stage: School Age

Available for these devices: iOS and Android

Cost: Free! (This is a relatively large app size. Make sure you have enough room on your digital device!)


By the time children are in school, they are beginning to develop emotional regulation to a more advanced level. This also includes understanding facial expressions, variety of words, and actions that match their emotions.

This app, created by the Sesame Workshop, begins to educate children about their emotions and emotional regulation. The description below highlights some of the excellent features on this app!

Description below from

Are you feeling delighted? Astonished? Anxious? Feel Electric! explores all these emotions and more! Part of the Military Families “Finding the Right Word” initiative, this app offers engaging tools that use content and curriculum from The Electric Company to provide opportunities to explore emotional vocabulary and self-expression. Hosted by Electric Company cast members Jessica Ruiz and Danny Rebus, Feel Electric! features three fast-paced games, a digital diary to record daily moods, a zany story maker, and more!

I highly recommend this app for parents and Child Life Specialists to download! This is a great app to allow children to begin understanding their different options to describe their emotions and the unique ways they can express them, especially when they are experiencing stressful situations. Feelings and emotions are also developmentally appropriate in definition to clearly explain to children how emotions are meant to be expressed. They can also learn through games, videos, and through creations of their own to express their feelings about different situations and experiences to confidently share with others and develop their emotional intelligence on such a successful platform.