Name: Drum KitImage result for drum kit app

Age/Developmental Stage: Everyone!

Available for these devices: iOS (Similar versions of this app are available on Android)

Cost: Free (Ads do pop up)


Have your kids ever dreamed of being a rock star? Or just feel like a little jammin’? Well no drumsticks required for this app! Drum Kit is an excellent app for on the go for kids to play some drumming.

Drum Kit (via iTunes) has several unique features, especially for recording and playing:

-6 piece kit (4 toms, snare, bass, hi-hat (open and closed), crash, ride, splash)
– Acoustic, Electronic, and Industrial themes
– Five different kits: Classic, Rock, Hip Hop, Techno, Dance
– Visual feedback when drum head is tapped
– Professionally recorded, high quality drum sounds
– Play multiple drum heads simultaneously
– Slide finger back and forth between bass drum and pedal for fast double bass for metal songs
– Play along with songs in your iPod library, add beats or fills
– Record tracks, load and edit tracks
– Metronome: tap BPM to set, or set manually
– Recording Count-In

Note: The Android app may or may not have similar features. It also provides recording capabilities!

In the healthcare setting, this can take on a whole new meaning. Using this app can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • To be used as a form of music therapy, whether to create beats to their favorite songs or write their own!
  • To express emotions 
  • To express creative ideas
  • To provide unstructured play for younger children, especially call and response
  • To develop auditory and fine motor skills

If in a low volume unit (PICU, NICU, etc.) I would recommend having earbuds or headphones available as to avoid disturbance with other patients who may be sensitive to sound.