Name: Chemo DuckImage result for Chemo duck app

Age/Developmental Stage: Toddler-School Age

Available for these devices: iOS

Cost: Free!


Cancer is scary. Chemo Duck is not.

Chemo Duck is a sweet duck who can help kids out that have cancer and undergo treatment in the hospital setting. Founded by Gabe, currently a cancer patient, Chemo Duck has now become popular across several hospitals across the U.S.

Chemo Duck is a friend to a child who is experiencing cancer. He helps kids learn about cancer, helping them when they undergo treatment, and become someone special in the child’s life. Chemo Duck supports parents, Child Life Specialists, and other healthcare professionals. While Chemo Duck is available and offered as a stuffed animal buddy, there is also an app available to continue learning more about cancer and how Chemo Duck can help.

There are games that are fun and educational, including: Talk Like a Duck, Exercise Wheel, Touch and Learn, Call from Chemo Duck, Hospital Bingo and Mix and Match. The games also have opportunities to level up and earn rewards to unlock more games to keep kids interested in playing and learning more.

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