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Name: Know Your Body

Age/Developmental Stage: Preschool-School Age

Available for these devices: iOS

Cost: Free!

Summary: For many curious youngsters, they want to know what is underneath their skin. This can include how they breathe, where does food go, and even why they poop.

“Know Your Body” is effective in looking at different internal organs, muscle and skeletal systems, and the brain. This is important for kids to learn about, especially as their bodies develop. The app also gives more specific facts and information about how different parts of the body function.

This app is definitely useful for parents and healthcare professionals to use developmentally approriate language to define and explain the human body and body parts. For the Child Life Specialist, this is important to have for describing typical human body functioning and addressing misconceptions that the child may have about their body. It is also important for the Child Life Specialist to explain how a treatment, disease, or illness can impact these bodily functions and systems and how the medical team is going to heal the body.

Although Apple/iOS recommends this app for preschoolers, I would review the content to make sure the language is developmentally appropriate and understandable for the child. Some vocabulary may not be suitable for preschoolers as it is for early childhood school age and later.