Name: Color MeImage result for Color Me app

Age/Developmental Stage: Older School Age-Adolescence

Available for these devices: iOS, Android, Microsoft Devices

Cost: Free!


Adult coloring books have been on the trend within the past couple of years. This app is great for older kids and teens to be able to enjoy these various coloring designs and pages through this free app! (Even adults would benefit from this app, especially parents and healthcare professionals!)

Some of the categories of page choices are: Florals, Mandalas, animals, holidays, faces, patterns, and more. Each category has several pages that the user can choose from and you can zoom in to each pattern and color in with various color choices. Upon completing a page, you can save it to your photo gallery, and even share it to social media! All you have to do is tap each part of the design with the color(s) of your choice! You can change the colors as you complete them if you change your mind!

Benefits of this app include:

  • Used as a coping and distraction technique
  • Creative art expression
  • No additional materials required
  • Paperless