Name:  Sleep Pillow SoundsImage result for sleep pillow app iphone

Age/Developmental Stage: Any Age and Stage!

Available for these devices: iOS and Android

Cost: Free for Android, $2.99 for iOS (Additional sounds may be purchased at varied prices.)


Zzzzz…. Oops! Was I asleep? I was so relaxed by the calming sounds that are available on this app!

Sleep Pillow Sounds offers 19 free sounds including water, rain, campfire, lullabies, and more! There is a timer for how long you want the sounds to play. You can also rotate the screen to have a picture related to your sound.

Having a premium account allows you to set up alarms and purchase more unique sounds.

This is excellent to have for anyone for:

  • Relaxation and meditation/prayer
  • Assist with breathing and sleeping
  • Guided Imagery
  • Sensory Play

This is an effective for children and adults to use. This can support physiological regulation and supporting therapeutic interventions for Child Life Specialists and healthcare professionals.