Name: Mad LibsImage result for Mad Libs app

Age/Developmental Stage: School Age-Adolescence

Available for these devices: iOS, Android, and Desktop (

Cost: Free! (Additional stories can be purchases through the app or online)


Mad Libs is a very popular word game that is excellent for some humor!

Mad Libs has pre-set stories where anyone can contribute nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc. to make the story unique and humorous! 21 free stories are available on the app, while more books ad stories can be purchased for additional fun and humor. This is excellent for school age students to continue promoting cognitive development, as well as social development with others. The Desktop site offers written booklets of Mad Libs that you can purchase as well!

This is an excellent app as an ice-breaker to be used with children at school age level and above, especially when meeting new staff or if a child presents anxiety prior to a stressful situation. I would even consider this an excellent use of humor therapy! This app is great for travel, as well as for relaxation, distraction, and coping.

I have used this app with my students and they really enjoy reading their stories and word-choices out loud to me! I recommend that when using this app to read the stories out loud; you will definitely hear more laughter!