Name: StoryKitImage result for Storykit app

Age/Developmental Stage: Preschool age and up!

Available for these devices: iOS

Cost: Free!

Summary: This is an electronic storybook building app where children can create their own storybooks and stories to share! Children can add text, images, drawings, and record their voices to tell their stories. The app also comes with 4 set stories such as “Three Little Pigs”, but can also be modified! Length of stories are unlimited!

This is great for children to use as art therapy, bibliotherapy, medical play, or drama therapy. This can also be great for children to use with families to share memories or even talk about feelings and ideas and developing problem solving/critical thinking skills. For older children and adolescents, this app is great for coping and developing symbolic ideas through stories, and sharing culture and values.

I have used this app with students for educational related assignments so they could teach other students about different topics that they are learning in the classroom. It is very interactive and allows children to express their ideas and experiences!