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Name: GoNoodle

Age/Developmental Stage: Toddler-School Age

Available for these devices: iOS and Desktop (

Cost: Free! (Some premium videos do require a specific charge.)


GoNoodle is an app and website that helps get kids moving! In healthcare settings, kids may not be able to have access to go outside and play, or may have limited space to move and play. GoNoodle is used by over 12 million kids!

GoNoodle has videos that not only help kids move, but can also be educational, and include videos such as mindfulness and yoga.

This is available for kids, parents, and educators. You can choose when you sign up what type of account works best for you! For parents: any time your child logs-in, it will require permission from you to be on the site or app. Kids can play as long as they want to continue receiving points and watch as many videos!

It can also be used by Child Life Specialists too in collaboration with Physical and Occupational Therapists. It can encourage any type of movement for in-bed, out of bed, and playroom experiences. This can encourage dance and movement therapy, improve cognition and coordination, and promote verbal ability as well!

I use this with my students CONSTANTLY, especially if we have indoor play due to weather conditions or if we need brain breaks! Their favorite is Pop-See-Ko! I have also used this with children with disabilities and have found that they engage and interact effectively when being played.