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Name: Simply Sayin’

Age/Developmental Stage: Late Preschool-Adolescence (4-18)

Available for these devices: iOS and Android

Cost: Free!

Summary: This app is designed for assisting with developmentally appropriate definitions of medical terminology. Created by the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, it has now been award winning and successful for many children. It has tips for parents and professionals who use the app as well.

Available for English and Spanish!

The app consists of:

  • Glossary of Medical Terms
  • Preps-Medical Preparations of specific procedures with step by step explanations
  • Drawings of body parts and medical equipment in relation how it is used in the body. There are also diagrams in which drawing tools can be used to identify and label body parts
  • Real life pictures of where procedures will occur in the medical setting

I have seen this used in action during my Practicum, especially when needed to explain medical procedures in an effective fashion and when no other medical preparation is available. I now have it downloaded on my phone! Such a great tool and extremely effective!