Welcome bloggers to the magical world of Child Life!

The world of Child Life is such an exciting healthcare profession to support children and families with their healthcare experiences. I am so fortunate that I get to live in this world and begin an incredible journey toward many child life experiences.

I wanted to start this blog to share information with my viewers about my own experiences, but also stay in tune with the up and comings of the field of Child Life, as well as educate children, families, professionals and other Child Life current and prospective students. Many other bloggers strongly encouraged this, and I feel that it has made quite an impression on me!

This blog will consist of links, pictures, information, and just a little bit of fun to show the world how wonderful Child Life is and beyond what we believe to be amazing!

Now, you may be someone reading this and you either know child life, or you are about to learn! Each blog will be unique in its own right to appeal to different audiences who read this blog. Whether you pursue the field or not, Child Life is necessary!

I also encourage you to ask questions, or even submit blog topics and information you would like me to write about! I will even encourage viewers to assist me with questions I may have, so our conversations and blogs are more interactive.

Thank you for reading this first blog post and let the magic begin!