One of the most important aspects of Child Life is to know our development and theory. Why? Well, it’s the foundation of the work of Child Life. Not to mention, other healthcare professionals need some evidence as to why we do the work we do and how valuable it is to the healthcare community.

For students, we learn about these famous men and women who have shaped the field of child development for many years. Fortunately, many of these theories have not changed.

Students in High School, Bachelor’s, and Master’s programs all should know different theorists. This is important for assignments, application questions, and even interviews for Practicum and Internship positions!

Each month, I will write about a specific theorist. But rather than establish it like a Wikipedia page, I will include:

  • How it connects to Child Life
  • How it can be applied for the Child Life Student/Specialist
  • Real World Examples (Imaginary scenario based stories)

I believe it is important for people to know about theory of Child Life and for students, to fully understand what these theorists were really talking about. While these theorists may be in some textbooks and via the web, it is important to decipher how they connect to Child Life today.

So check back and look out for the Developmental Theorist of the Month!